Secret Forest Walks

Lake Daylesford GPS Treasure Hunt

Secret Forest Walks is proud to announce its Lake Daylesford GPS Treasure Hunt activity, set in the Victorian Central Highlands resort town of Daylesford. GPS Treasure Hunt is a world wide recreational movement, enjoyed by established and properly equipped enthusiasts. It's rather like a high tech treasure hunt, where the coordinates of the items you are looking for (Geocaches) are programmed into a hand held GPS unit.

Secret Forest Walks GPS Treasure Hunt opens up this fun and quite addictive past time by setting up a series of (mainly) easy to find 'caches' around the lovely Lake Daylesford for participants to seek out and find. Secret Forest Walks provides a Garmin GPS unit, tuition and a GPS Treasure Hunt Search Log to fill in as you find each of the 'treasures'. Our hunt locations, (small hidden pink post), each have a letter attached, so that as you find each one you can form the name of Mystery Place. There are also other activities to do along the way. Work out the puzzle and you can be inducted into the Secret Forest Walks GPS Treasure Hunt HALL OF FAME.

It's great for families and teenagers, especially younger teens. For thirteen y.o up, it can be done without parent supervision, if that's OK by them. It's a healthy and fun thing a family or couple of friends can enjoy doing together. The course can be completed in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt with your friends and explore the special places around Lake Daylesford.

Secret Forest Walks also provides GPS guided walks in the nearby Wombat Forest. We have a range of secluded, specially mapped walks that give the visitor independence, freedom and discovery in this beautiful forest. No clubs or tours, just you and your chosen.

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  • $15 per person
  • Under 5 and over 55 free
  • Make it a race. Multiple groups/teams catered for.
  • Special treats for friendship groups

The name of the Mystery place revealed...

Liam and Morrighan enjoying the hunt at Lake Daylesford GPS Treasure Hunt!