Secret Forest Walks

Your 'How to' Guide to Secret Forest Walks.

We are very grateful to Kade, Nicole, Moses and Jade from Mojo Photography Ballarat (Ph:0457 967 548) for demonstrating how it works and the fantastic photography.

First thing is to book your walk consultation. Then..

1 Meet at Awkward Jeffery Cafe 117 Vincent st Daylesford for the consultation.

If you're staying over, we can also meet you at your accommodation at no extra charge.

Probably no explanations required here.... Mmmm.

2 In the consultation, we'll discuss which walk would suit you best. There is a 'menu' of specially mapped walks to choose from. Each includes unique combinations of natural features, such as mineral springs, grand views, tall forest, rivers and waterfalls or highlands rainforest. Easy, medium and hard walks are available.

3 With your walk selected, we outline the walk on a laminated map of your route, which is included in your kit and can be a helpful assistant to the GPS unit.

4 Next we go through the directions for using the GPS unit, using a laminated manual which is also included in the kit. This normally takes around ten minutes.

We use a Garmin Oregon hand held GPS. It's a highly accurate, robust, all weather unit with an easy touch screen design. It has a long battery life.

Your walk is shown as a pink line on the GPS screen. Your position is shown as the blue triangle. Your assignment is to walk along the pink line. Its that straight forward.

5 The GPS will guide you to your parking spot. You are then free to enjoy your walk, at your own pace and in seclusion in the Wombat Forest. (Though you won’t need the packs and equipment that the team are using in preparation for their upcoming Overland walk in Tasmania)!

Keep your GPS at hand and check it regularly.

6 Enjoy your Forest in a unique and personal way. When you've finished, meet us at the cafe for a chat about your walk and a farewell.