Secret Forest Walks

Secret Forest Walks - Team Builder

Secret Forest Walks-Team Builder No 2

Instructor: Brendan Murray. Secret Forest Walks, Daylesford.

Walk Title: GPS Adventure Forest Trek and Treasure Hunt.

Location: Hepburn Springs. Victoria.

Number of People: Minimum two. Maximum 24*.

Walk Type: Five levels from Medium through to Extreme.

Length: 7.0km to 20km

Duration: 2.5 hours to 5 hours +.

Please note: The activity is located in hilly and in places quite steep sections of the Hepburn Regional Park. Walking tracks vary from 4WD tracks to narrow rocky paths. Care is required at all times. Participants must have a level of health and fitness appropriate to the selected level. The walks above level two have generally limited vehicle access.

Activity Outline
GPS Adventure Forest Trek and Treasure Hunt.

This is a more physically challenging activity with various stages available according to the level of challenge desired. The course consists of a series of loop walks in the hilly and scenic Hepburn Regional Park, rather like links in a chain. Each link or level increases in distance and demand.

The combination GPS self-navigation and a GPS Treasure Hunt in this dramatic landscape create a unique environment for teamwork and communication.
It will suit from two individuals to up to four teams with a recommended maximum of six per team.

Unlike a guided walk, participants use hand held GPS units to navigate or guide themselves through the forest on specially selected tracks. The tracks are illustrated on the GPS unit so the team 'navigators' will always know where to go. Enroute are 'Treasure Points'. Your Treasure Hunt GPS unit contains the coordinates and will help you track them down.

When found the Treasure Points may contain treats to reward the finders and add to the fun. This is the Standard Activity.

At a more focused level they may contain instructions for a task, a series of questions or discussion topics relevant to the goals or themes of your organisation.
Secret Forest Walks, in conjunction with our partner Psychologist who is experienced in team development, can help tailor a program to suit your organisation.
This is the Tailored Activity. Additional fees apply.

Level 1

Distance: 7.2 km
Features: Hepburn Springs Reserve, The old stone ruins and views from Jacksons Lookout tower.
Terrain: Hilly. Some steep sections. Paths tend to be narrow and rocky.
Grading: Medium
Time: 2 - 3 hours

Level 2

Distance: 8.8 km
Features: Level 1, plus excellent views of Mt Franklin and panorama to the North of the
Great Dividing Range.
Terrain: As above with additional quite hilly section.
Grading: Medium –Hard.
Time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours

Level 3

Distance: 9.6km
Features: Level 1 and level 2 plus a visit to picturesque Hunts Dam.
Terrain: As above.
Grading: Medium - Hard
Time: 3.00 - 4.00 hours

Level 4

Distance: 13.3 km
Features: Level 1 and 3 plus, The Chocolate Mill. (The perfect place for a chocolate and / or coffee break).
Terrain: As above.
Grading: Hard
Time: 3.5 - 4.5 hours (Depending on Chocolate Mill time!)

Level 5

Distance: 20 km.
Features: All the above levels plus unique panorama through rare Box forest and ridge top pastoral land. Remains of old stone mining dwellings. Also includes little known Lithia Mineral Spring.
Terrain: As above with additional very steep sections
Grading: Extreme. Experienced walkers only.
Time: 5.5 hours plus

Cost: Price on Application

Deposit/cancellation: A $100 non refundable deposit will be required upon confirmation of your Team Building activity.