Secret Forest Walks


Mountain Challenge

Length: 12.5km


Terrain: Steep

Direction of travel: Anti Clockwise

Telstra: Elevated areas OK. Gullies poor/none.


The walk begins at the lovely Nolans Creek Picnic grounds to the south east of Daylesford. It is a grassy picnic and BBQ reserve beside the Lerderderg River, making an ideal base for the challenge ahead. Please note that there are easy to access short cuts if you would like to skip a stage or head back before completing all of the walk.

The walk encompasses a series steep to very steep 4wd tracks that take you from lush, fern lined streams to a Great Dividing Range topping 870m above sea level.

The changing forest and vegetation as you ascend the first peak is a delight. Imagine an escalator journey through several diverse floors in natures great department store. The views on the descent will alleviate the work your legs have put in to get there. A gorgeous and secluded picnic spot beside a shady tree ferny stream awaits you lower down.

Next you'll be walking above a grand, ferny river gully and then you'll be right amongst a very, very rare rainforest area with a dense canopy and big aged tree ferns. It feels like an ancient environment here.

Two more steep but shorter hills await, the third offering magnificent views. The west to east panorama from the top of the Great Dividing Range is most impressive. The journey back down to the picnic ground is down a drier ridge, lined with banksias, callistemon, heath and a variety of native grasses. Cool you feet in the river upon your return and reflect upon your amazing trek.

Grading: Hard