Secret Forest Walks


Hepburn Springs - Blowhole

Length: 9.4km


Terrain: Mainly flat to undulating. Paths can be narrow and rocky. Some road sections.

Direction of travel: Clockwise



Perhaps the walk with the most variety, this circular walk can be commenced at variety of locations. For visitors to the excellent Bed and Breakfast 65 Main, the start is at your doorstep.

You can look forward to a stroll through the picturesque Hepburn Golf course that not only offers great views, but has a resident population of quite tame kangaroos. There's no telling where they'll be at a given time, but they are generally quite relaxed about humans coming close. Being up close, especially to the big ones is always an experience.

From there the GPS guides you to a section of the Great Dividing Trail above the winding Sailors Creek. At Bryces Flat the bluestone supports of a former grand bridge sit, waiting for the timbers to be put back upon them. A nice picnic spot lies beyond the bluestone, a little further down the creek.

The walk to the Blowhole further reveals the rugged, sheer sided gorges along this part of the creek. The path is narrow and rocky and a distinct view awaits around each bend.

The spectacular Blowhole itself is documented at the walk titled 'The Blowhole' (as you would think). For those wanting to make a full day of it, you can detour onto 'The Blowhole' walk and immerse yourself in a true Northern Divide environment. (You would then return along the following route).

From the Blowhole comes a relaxed walk along a quiet country road and side streets of Hepburn. A network of paths known to few, cross Spring creek via hand made bridges to direct you back to the Hepburn Mineral Spring Reserve. Spring Creek is lined below with willows and blackberries, which is a reminder of the impact of European settlement. However the path still possesses a shady calmness. The hilly approach to the Reserve has some quite good townscape views and summer houses of yesteryear. The springs are the ideal place to pause and rehydrate after your efforts.

Before completing the loop, a visit to the old Hepburn swimming pool adds another unique location to the experience. Considered unique, its easy to picture the ladies and gentlemen of early last century in their neck to knee bathing costumes.

There'll be lots to reflect upon at the completion of the walk, and you'll probably be in just the right mood for a beverage and a relaxed evening.

Grading: Medium

This walk links to the Blow Hole walk