Secret Forest Walks


The Petrus Art Walk

Length: 7.5 km

Time: Allow 2.5 hours walking time

Terrain: Hilly. Easy all weather road section.

Direction of travel: Clockwise

Telstra: Good


The Petrus Art Walk.

Fill your drink bottles with sparkling mineral water from streamside Tipperary springs, cross the footbridge and head into the hills. This walk takes you from valley floor to elevated panoramas of Daylesford and its crown, the Wombat Hill botanical gardens. The track has lots of character, with sandy stone outcrops, grassy forest floors and mature eucalypts. Through the trees there are glimpses of iconic Mt Franklin to the north. And pink and white heath is in flower during the cooler months. The area is a haven for wildlife and it would be unusual not to see kangaroos and wallabies on the hop. Dotted along the ascent are stone arrangements made by Petrus. The landscape gets a bit rugged along this section, but the fire trail which forms your track irons out most of the dips and rises. The most majestic, postcard view of Daylesford is can be seen along the next section. It hasn’t been included in the web images because it will be better to see it for yourself. Soon you happen along an area where Petrus has been busy. Surprising, ingenious and delightful, be sure to stop and ponder the works as you walk by them. The artworks are ‘waypointed’ on the GPS in case you miss them. The return journey provides a range of new views. The ascent can be steep in places. Replenish your mineral water upon your return to Tipperary Springs and bring it home as a memento of an inspiring walk in the forest.

About Petrus.

Petrus is an artist and community member of rare talent and drive. He sees beauty in simple things, especially where the raw elements of the earth are involved. He has created works of sensitivity, humour and spontaneity on his regular walks in the forest near his home. Secret Forest Walks has mapped the works along his forest tracks to create a visually stunning meander through the natural and the artistic landscape. You can read a short biography/curriculum vitae at the Arts Atlas link-

Of his walks in the forest, Petrus has this to say.


There is a story. There always is.

One place secrets are almost visible is in the forest, especially at dusk. The transient light which creates visual delights, plus a magic moment amongst the trees, have you believe secrets lurking in every shadow.

For many years now I have walked daily in the forest, close to Daylesford. And while at times I can hardly get a park for my car in the town, I hardly ever see anyone walking in, or enjoying, the forest.

Spending time in the forest daily I have become aware of some of its secrets. The mysterious appearance of the most wonderful creations which, ephemeral in nature, are there one day and gone the next.

A forest puddle which like a black mirror reflects the sky, there is a leaf like a boat, a stick like a piece of calligraphy, both surreal. Further into the forest a line of rocks goes up into a tree and creates a sense of wonder. There is more, much more. However, to deserve an inside to these secrets, you need to walk the forest yourself, to discover them.

There are many secrets. There always are.



Grading: Medium