Lake Daylesford Treasure Hunt: The Proposal Edition.

What a special occasion. 

The Proposal Edition of the Treasure Hunt at Lake Daylesford is a unique, memorable and fun way to ask for your sweet hearts hand. Lake Daylesford is a beautiful and romantic backdrop for such a special occasion and the Proposal Edition of the Treasure Hunt provides a great element of surprise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         We are proud to say that The Proposal Edition has a 100% success rate.

The winning formula is to have a gourmet picnic prepared by favourite local caterers Spade to Blade set up at the Proposal Point (see below) which is near the end of the Treasure Hunt. Picnic rugs, wicker baskets, chilled bubbles etc are arranged and observed at a discrete distance in anticipation of your arrival. Guided to the Proposal Point by your GPS, your intended will think you’ve stumbled onto someone’s picnic, but then.. the big reveal, and it’s on to bended knee or whichever tradition you prefer to pop the question.      Then enjoy your picnic in the warm afterglow.

The Proposal Edition can be customised and individualised to suit your tastes and imagination. One client had the proposal occur on a lovely jetty at the lake, with a photographer incognito nearby. Another had us place a basket of puzzling items at the Proposal Point which when unravelled by his curious partner, made his intentions clear. You might have BYO items to be secretly removed from your car and placed at Proposal Point while you’re on the Treasure Hunt.

From the Proposal Point, there is apx 20 minutes remaining in the Treasure Hunt. As a suggestion, near the end of the Treasure hunt, there is another nice location off the main path and with splendid elevated lake views, which is perfect for the placement of a bouquet of flowers from Daylesford Florist as an added surprise.

The pricing is as follows, but subject to change:

Treasure Hunt for two- $50

Plus organisational costs – $120

Gourmet picnic (recommended, but optional)- $90

Vino/bubbles (optional) as sourced by Chef- $30

Flowers (optional) $20 – $50.

Prepayment a minimum of five days prior to the date is required.


The Proposal Edition at Lake Daylesford will be the start of something very special.