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GPS Treasure Hunt

Like a high tech treasure hunt, you’ll be searching for twelve special markers that have been cleverly concealed around iconic Lake Daylesford and Central Mineral Springs, with our specially programmed GPS units.

How it works.

‘It’s 85 metres and straight ahead’

Your GPS will give you the distance and direction to your special markers. As you get closer, the distance counts down. The compass will tell you if you’re on the right heading. Get within five metres or so, and you’re in the Hunt Zone. Where’s the marker? Is it behind a tree? Under a shrub, beside a rock? That’s where the teamwork and the hunting comes in. Find one, make your recordings and move on to the next.

There’s a puzzle to solve as you go, and a range of other activities and observations. At the completion, if you’ve solved the puzzle, there’ll be a tasty prize for the Treasure Hunters.

‘Found it!’

The GPS Treasure Hunt is huge fun and a healthy activity for families. Suitable for everyone from five years old up, the thrill of the hunt will soon have everyone involved and working together.

Also perfect for friends up for a weekends celebration to enjoy some exercise, breathe clear air and have some laughs. For larger groups, teams can be easily accommodated at no additional charge.

BOOKINGS ONLY. Contact Brendan at, or call on 0418301281.

For Romantics, The Proposal Edition is ideal for someone who’d like to make a special announcement to his or her sweetheart in a fun and intriguing way. On this we can boast a 100% success rate. Thanks Rhys and Ella for starting the whole thing off!