Team Building Activities.

Enhance your conference experience with a fun and challenging outdoor Team Building or breakout activity tailored to suit your team and your conference. Our Team Building activities are located at Lake Daylesford, ideal for Lake House conferences, and at Hepburn Springs, ideal for Peppers, Bellinzona and The Grande based conferences. All activities commence at the premises.

Activities can be conducted singly, though mixing and matching others in combination will create an enhanced experience*. Prices are per person and available on application. Guiding range $30pp -$70pp.

Small groups may incur a minimum charge.
Groups from five to twenty five people readily catered for.
Larger groups can also be accommodated.

1. Guided Walks

All walks are loop walks and range from easy to medium for persons of average fitness. Duration estimates are approximate. Runners or walking shoes required. Bottled water and sunscreen supplied.
Walks can be either guided personally by Secret Forest Walks, or by your personnel with a specially programmed Secret Forest Walks GPS unit. Conditions apply.

@ Hepburn Springs.
‘The Bridges of Hepburn County’.
Duration. 1 hour.

A 3.2km – 4.2km easy/medium walk tours the classic Hepburn Springs Reserve, home of mineral water and the famous Hepburn Springs Bath house. Along the way is the historic Old Hepburn swimming pool, forest reserve and the village like built environment of Hepburn Springs. The walk is linked by three uniquely interesting foot bridges, each with a story to tell.

Integrates well with ‘The Safe’, Mineral Water Masterclass and Lawn game.

Forest Ramble and Springs Tour.
Duration: 1 ½ hour

Encounter the northern Wombat Forest directly from the Hepburn springs Reserve. Winding, moderately hilly trails skirt mining remnants and winter creeks. The hidden Argyle Mineral Spring will quench the thirst before taking in an extended ridgeline views to Mt Franklin (Lalgambook), as well as climbing the Hepburn lookout for extensive tree line views. Can be shortened. Longer hikes also available.

Integrates well with Mineral Water Masterclass and Team Olympics.

@ Lake Daylesford.
The Great Lakes Walk.
Duration. 2 Hours.

Linking Lake Daylesford with it’s upstream sister, Jubilee Lake via forest tracks, this walk encompasses two beautiful bodies of water and includes a tour through the richly historic and environmental success story, Cornish Hill, via remarkable rail cuttings, spillway and timber bridges. Can be shortened.

Integrates well with Lawn Games.

2. GPS Treasure Hunt. Lake Daylesford Edition.

Lake Daylesford 
Duration. 1 ½ hours.

Like a high tech treasure hunt, you’ll be searching for twelve special markers, cleverly concealed around iconic Lake Daylesford and Central Mineral Springs, with our specially programmed GPS units. There’s a puzzle to solve as you go, and a range of other activities and observations. Fun, engaging and a touch competitive, it works well with up to seven teams of three/four/five members and is an ideal way to create introductions and interaction. Can be tailored to include activities, prompts or talking points relevant to your conference themes.

Integrates well with ‘The Safe’. See Hepburn Springs Editions.

3. GPS Treasure Hunt. Hepburn Springs Editions - The Safe!

Hepburn Springs 1. 45 mins.

Hepburn Springs 2. 90 mins.

Both Treasure Hunts are based at the Hepburn Springs Mineral Water Reserve and are directly accessible from Peppers, Grange Bellinzona, The Grande, The Oxford and a variety of venues bordering the Springs Reserve.

Just like the GPS Treasure Hunt in style, with the added challenge of trying to unravel the combination of a hidden ‘Safe’ by answering a series of cryptic clues located at selected marker. Finally, teams must find The Safe itself and if they have successfully cracked the combination, can open ‘The Safe’ and enjoy the contents. The activity can be tailored to include quizzes, reflections and talking points from your conference or organisation.

Hepburn Springs 1 is apx 2.5 km return and is rated easy for people of good general health or physical capacity.

Hepburn Springs 2 is apx 5km return and is rated moderate for people of good general health or physical capacity. The terrain is generally hilly and exclusively forested. It’s a more adventurous and physically challenging activity.

Ideal for up to six teams of three, four or five people with a willingness to have some fun and work as a team in a mildly competitive activity.


Integrates well with Mineral Water Masterclass, Lawn games and Bridges of Hepburn County guided walk.

4 Mineral Water Masterclass (Hepburn Springs Only)

Duration, 1 hour.
(Hepburn Springs only)

You’ll be introduced to the official criteria by which mineral water is classed by, such as effervescence, hardness/softness and chalybeate. We taste test four separate mineral water springs at the Hepburn Springs Reserve where teams discuss, compare and record their impressions. At the conclusion, the official analysis is revealed. Whose taste impressions aligned best with the official analysis? What are the views of those whose impressions differed? Should bragging rights be conferred? The only certainty is that no one will be sent home!

Integrates well with The Safe, Lawn Games, Bridges of Hepburn County and Forest Ramble guided walks.

5. Lawn Games

Duration, ½ hour.

Favoured locations are at the Hepburn Springs Reserve, the historic Old Hepburn Pool and a secret location at Lake Daylesford.

Games include Kubbs (rhymes with ‘tubes’) a Swedish throwing game, sometimes known as Viking Chess.

The Pipeline Challenge needs everyone to fit together to let the ball bearing travel from the first to last person and into the waiting cup.

There are various physical challenges from Tug o’ War to balancing acts.
All low impact but plenty of fun, and we’re open to suggestions.

Integrates well with The Safe, GPS Treasure Hunt and Great Lakes guided walk.

6. Team Olympics

Duration 1-1 ½ hour

a) Hepburn Springs edition (have pdf to link to)
b) Lake Daylesford edition (have pdf to link to)

Each location offers a range of intriguing, engaging and occasionally offbeat team assignments. From mineral water carrying to shelter building, landscape drawing (‘It’s not about the Monet’), to dress ups, there are a range of fun challenges for teams to complete during a reasonably physical circuit. Photographs of the teams in situ are essential for a later points tally and for easily shared souvenirs of the occasion. Activities can be altered, deleted or added the Olympics to suit the groups characteristics or window of time.

Integrates well with Lawn Games. The Safe. GPS Treasure Hunt.

*Explanatory PDFs available upon request.